A Holiday In The Sun
the third play in  Gregory Motton's Gengis Trilogy
I don't want to holiday in the sun
I want to go to the new Belsen
I want to see some history
'Cause now I got a reasonable

Oh now I got a reason
Now I got a reason
Now I got a reason
And I'm still waiting (Sex Pistols)
The group of Motton supporters inside the Royal Court called themselves laughingly
the "Mottonistas" after the Sandinistas, the socialist revolutionaries in Nicaragua.
They failed.
"One of my biggest regrets is not doing A Holiday In
the Sun
.  I was afraid of it". Ian Rickson, Artistic
Director of the Royal Court Theatre
"The problem with  the play is that it not only criticises capitalism, it attacks the people in whose
interests it is now run,  us. Thats why we can't do it."
Anyone who wants to work in the theatre had better keep their mouth shut.(Gregory Motton).  
This play has so far only been performed on the Radio, in France.

The BBC, who considered it,  suggested 46 cuts.
A Holiday In  The Sun, delivered as part of a commission,  recveived a rehearsed reading at the Royal Court,
stirred up a lot of comment and was a good laugh. Ian Rickson, aided in his decision by writers Stephen
Jeffreys and Martin Crimp, decided not to do it.
Unlike in the rest of the arts world, a playwright is easy to shut up, as he needs a
theatre to perform his plays. If they won't do that, he doesn't exist(Gregory
The Revolution that didn't happen