A Japanese Gengis with his uncle... and a
llama.(Sheep) are not readily available in
The original British cast, alongside the cast (Thierry Bosc and Jean-Paul Rouvray), of  
the Ducks and Geese French language production, at the Theatre De Gennevilliers in a
suburb of Paris. Also Ramin Gray and Gregory Motton. Missing are the two Aunties,
Penelope Dimond and Elizabeth Mazev.
Cat and Mouse
    Ducks and Geese did two productions of
    Cat and Mouse (Sheep), first in English
    at the Theatre de L'Odeon, and then in
    French at the Theatre National de
    Gennevilliers, also in Paris.
First performed at the
Theatre de L'Odeon, Paris
"Theatre should never be the same
again after this" (What's On).
Tony Rohr, Kevin McMonagle,
Penelope Dimond and Patrick   
(as Dickwits the poet)  at the
Odéon Theatre in Paris.
Konvoi Exceptionel Company,France
Konvoi Exceptionel Company,France