Mr Spoke

Mr Spoke,
His arm was broke
Which meant he couldn't wave it.
Dr Hood did all he could
But still he couldn't save it;
"I'm sorry Spoke
"Your arm is broke
"I tried but couldn't save it.
"If you like, we'll cut it off
"And take it and engrave it"

      *        *        *

Billy Bates

Billy Bates
Had lots of mates
And everybody knew him.
He only had one enemy,
The enemy that slew him.

      *        *        *

Mary Fry

Mary Fry
Her eye was dry
However sad
She couldn't cry.

Then she died.
Her chin was tied
No-one came
No tears were cried.

Then on her grave
In stone it stood
That Mary Fry did all she could
"If I could cry"
The gravestone said
"If I could cry, I would"

A Very Clever Man

A very clever man
Lived in a caravan
With a monkey in the middle of the town.
He also had a dog,
But the dog was hog,
And his seven white teeth they were brown

A very clever pig
Rode in a jig
He was the envy of all the pigs around.
He also wore a hat
But his hat it was too flat
He could never tell if it was upside down.

*      *        *        
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