Gregory Motton O Connel Bridge Dublin
Gregory Motton Dublin University
George Phillips
I first met Gregory Motton in Dublin
when  I was studying literature there.
He used to hang around the Library in
the university, but he wasn't enrolled
there. He was about 19 years old I
think he had been booted out of his
own university in England. He had
been living in Sweden with a new
girlfriend, but she was now in Greece.
He had a few odd jobs, cleaning and so
on. He polished the floors in a block of
offices for example. Some of what
happened around that time ended up
"Letters About Nothing". which he
wrote with Rudi Davies, and also in

"The Whore of Livadia"
. He was living
at a variety of addresses, I found him
a few floors to sleep on too. I'm not
sure what he was really doing or what
his plans were. We've been in touch on
and off since then, especially in recent
years, now I'm doing this website for
him. He has a surprising amount of
archive material but there is a lot on
the internet. He does the pictures.