The Mystery of Hill Street was commissioned
by Dominic Cooke for the Royal Court in 2010
and delivered shortly after. It was rejected by
Dominic Cooke  and Literary Manager Chris
Campbell, without a  reading; they said it was
"disturbing and static". It has not so far been
produced anywhere else.
It is about love, rape and Repressed Memory
Syndrome, Dissociative Disorder and the struggle
to unlock a human heart;  a  psycho-detective
story driven by motives of love and survival. It
contains 19 songs, and requires 3 actors, 2 males
and one female. The songs can be played by a 4 or
5 piece band. The setting is a street and a flat  in
London, and a mental hospital in  Sweden, and a
night train between the two countries.

1.  Hill Street  Eva
2.  In The Cellar  Eva
3.  What's In your Eye  Eva
4.  Love's Plain Skies 1  Eva
5.  Under Love's  Plain Skies  Eva
6.  World Without Surprises  Eva
7.  Clown In A Purple Dress  Phillip
8.  After All  Eva
9.  Hold Me Down  Eva
10. Your Train Running Into Mine  Phillip
11. Cherry Wine  Phillip
12. Get The Boat   Phillip
13. Shores of Spain  Phillip
14. Three Little Birds  Phillip
15. Night Train  Phillip
16. No-one Creeps Up Behind Me  Eva
17. Pulling Down The Hospital Blues  Phillip
18. Return Of The Exile  Eva
19. Home At Last  Eva
20. Under Love's Plain Skies (reprise)  Eva

All the parts can be performed by 3 actors
Nurse Ferlin/Eva
Dr Glas
Swedish Ticket Inspector
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