the Rape of Europe by Gregory Motton
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    The Rape of Europe was
    commissioned by
    Transquinquennial , a Belgian
    company from Brussels, who
    strangely enough never
    performed it. It then went to the
    Royal Court and was first read
    there, but the artistic director
    was busy on that day and
    unluckily missed it, and he had
    been really looking forwards to
    it,....It was due to be published
    by Oberon Books who had paid
    for it when it was called Gengis
    Goes to Europe, but
    unfortunately, when it was
    delivered in its present form,
    found themselves unable to
    publish it because of a busy
    schedule...much as they would
    have liked to.It was later
    performed by Ducks and Geese,
    at the Calder Bookshop, one of
    the last remaining left wing
    bookshops, as a reading in
    January 2013, where it can still
    be found on sale, published by
    Levellers Press.(Gregory Motton
    also writes about the EU and its
    role in surpressing working-
    class wages, in A Working Class
    Alternative to Labour,
    published by Levellers Press)
The Rape Of