The Whore of Livadia

One of Gregory Motton's earliest
plays. Quite clumsy and crude this
nevertheless has some themes
that appear in later work, in a sort
of unprocessed, simpler form,
before the writer has really found
his voice. This has never been
performed.  It's about a quiet,
retiring Swedish girl who works as
a prostitute in a small Greek Town
for fun. She ends up being a
constellation of all the gossip and
political manoeverings of the men
there, and their wives, including
the mayor and his rivals. Her own
shocking appetities are eclipsed by
the ambitions of the townsfolk. A
sort of surrealistic comedy, in the
spirit of Arrabal and other
surrealist dramatists.
This was written about a year
after he met the beautiful and
mysterious Swedish girl who was
to be his wife and the inspiration of
many of his writings.
The Whore of
The playwright Arrabal and his
the whore of Livadia by Gregory Motton