The course comprises two things, our conversations, 20 hours
of them, (either in person, by phone, zoom, or whatever the
situation permits) plus me reading a selected piece of your
work, roughly 10,000 words to allow me to concentrate on it in
sufficient detail, initially, and making extensive comments and
suggestions for revisions (be warned this may make the 'book
doctor' look like a homeopath) Then I will be reading your
revised attempts, and commenting on those, and if there is
time, reading the revisions of your revisions and commenting
on those.
A single charge of £1650 includes all of this, it
works out at £137 per month for a year, but is usually payable
in one go, in advance. If that is difficult for you we can come to
another arrangement.

The conversations can take place over whatever time period
seems more useful to you. Combining it with you  writing
something usually means spreading it over a number of
months, even a year. Or it can be a more condensed intense
course enabling our conversations to accumulate an impact
quickly. You can chose, and we can vary the pace.
Master Classes